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Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie

I am the founder of Arkadie Wellness Academy and Arkadie Counseling & Wellness Center. I am passionate about sharing inspiring, transformative, knowledge with others that will help enhance your overall mental wellness and improve your quality of life and lead you towards mental wellness

If you have a hard time saying "no" to the request and demands of others, then you want to Sign up for this course today!

This course will teach the necessary tools to help you confidently say "no" without feeling guilty. Don't feel like a "pushover" again

You get access to 3 live coaching sessions, where you can ask direct questions and receive immediate feedback

Managing Your Pain: Coping with Grief & Loss

Grief and Loss is a part of being human and we will all experience it at some time in our lives. Learning how to work through your grief is essential to having mental wellness. This course will provide you with strategies to help you effectively deal with your grief and loss and move towards the healing process